A lot of fun. Although the ARDF style of it is absolutely not my kettle of fish. I like the free style of it where, within limits, everything is allowed.

It al depends on:

  • How much time you want to spend on designing and building the transmitters
  • Gathering enough noisy birthday cards, Christmas cards and frogs to obtain a sufficient variety of sound chip's
  • Fooling around long enough with some logic gates and components to make just another sound.
  • Fantasy to set out the hunt
  • Some nice weather
  • Enough time to chat after the hunt with the other participants, partner and children.

Over the years I have build a number of receivers, transmitters and aerials.

I'm currently working on the idea of building a Fox Hunting receiver for 80m employing a loop aerial, Quadrature synchronous detector and a Polyphase network.. It will take a while but I'll get there one day.