Foxhunting Receivers

Over the last 30+ years of Ham activity I've build and used various receivers. Mainly for 2 meters and a few for 80 Meters. They range from a simple 3 transistor Super Regenerative to a Microprocessor controlled Double Super. All these receivers have their own merits and quirks. Have a look around. It can bring back sweet memories or you might even pick up some ideas.


2007-2009: FJRX2 by DF1FO, Nick Roethe. A double super with PLL frequency generation and all functions controlled by a MEGA8 microcontroller. Finally a receiver with frequency indication which is correct, memories, you name it. DF1FO's software is geared towards ARDF/IARU style of hunts. I modified it to made it suitable for none ARDF Hunt's.

  • 1992: The PA0SSB (Jan Ottens) receiver. A single super which uses the RSSI output of a FM IF chip to detect AM. It includes an Audio S-meter with Sample and Hold. It was substantially modified by me. Pictures and doc to be added
  • 1985: The Gooiland Kit by PA0CWR. A double super for AM and FM. Includes Audio S-meter. Pictures and doc to be added
  • 1978 The SP75, a single super, uses CB X-tals as IF filter. Pictures and doc to be added
  • 1975 A Super Reg for 2 meter based on one a CA3046 IC. 5 transistors, 2 of them form the basis of a long tailed pair. Pictures and doc to be added
  • 1970 A 3 Transistor Super Reg for 2, Pictures and doc to be added